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Marifay Sea Foods Inc

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Marifay has more than 30 years of seafood industry experience, our own Aquaculture farms, hatcheries, and processing at Andhra Pradesh. Marifay also meets or exceeds critical industry standards for quality and safety including HAACP, BAP, BRC and US FDA certifications.
Marifay Sea Foods has developed the resources to successfully manage the sourcing, harvesting and processing of frozen seafood from around the world.
Marifay Sea Foods seeks to deliver the highest quality seafood products at competitive prices while maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.
Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver premium quality, sustainable seafood to restaurants, retailers, distributors, hospitality and food service organizations
Our Vision
We want to be the most preferred, reliable seafood company with integrity for our customers and suppliers.
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Featured Products


White farmed shrimps – Vananmei
Black tiger farmed shrimps


Loligo squid cleaned.
Cuttle Fish

Sustainable Farm Raised Fish

Tilapia Farmed
Pangassius Farmed

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Food Service Distributors
Seafood Distributors
Restaurant Chains – National & Regional
Retail Supermarket Chains
Seafood wholesalers
Casinos, Cruise lines
Wholesale Grocers
Industrial Processors
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Business Standards



A trusted source of sustainable seafood


We are committed to responsible fishing and farming

Ethical Standards

Our ethical business practices hold our suppliers and ourselves to account.

Quality & Safety

All product is fully traceable from farm to packaging.

Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Global Aquaculture Alliance

Seafood Nutrition Partnership

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